Stepping Out


Producer Irving Street Productions
Writer Richard Harris
Director David Ball
Choreographer David Ball
Assisstane Choreographer Mark Hedges
Lighting Designer Steve Miller
SM Alan Mundle
Marketing Spiff
Prod. Coordinator Stephanie McWilliams


Mavis Barbara King
Lynne Laura Brydon
Dorothy Karen Burton
Maxine Nadine Cox
Mrs Fraser Ruth Evans
Geoffrey Alexander Giles
Vera Helen Jeckells
Sylvia Catherine Millsom
Rose Evadne Ricketts
Andy Helen Terry


'Directed by David Ball, this first-rate revival has good performances from the entire cast.'

'As comfy as a pair of old tap shoes, Stepping Out has heart, truth and boundless energy and if there's a more joyous final ten minutes on the London stage I'll don a leotard and tap dance through Trafalgar Square. The perfect pre- Christmas treat.'
Whatsonstage.Com ****

'...under David Ball's skilled direction and choreography, it all comes together for the oh-so-predictable, but utterly gorgeous, razzle-dazzle climax. You leave wanting more, and with a smile as wide as a church door.'

'It is undeniably an ensemble piece. All the performances are strong. All are real. All are believable.'
RemoteGoat ****

'...won't mess about with any preamble, Stepping Out is the best show around right now. It has it all: music, dance, tragedy and comedy.  Lots of comedy.'

'it is the most fun I have had for a long time now, and The Feel-Ecstatically-Good Feeling at the end is pure magic.  I now want to join a dance class.  Not to improve my moves but to meet people like these.'
Southwark News